UEFA Nations League .. Italy defeats Hungary and qualifies from a group

The Italian team achieved a deserved victory against its Hungarian counterpart, the owner of the land and the public, in the final round of the group stage of the tournament, to qualify the Azzurri, the champion of the previous version, to the semi-finals, ending the adventure of the Hungarian team, which was at the top with 10 points, to snatch the Italians qualifying card with 11 points after this the win.

Match events

Rasberdi scored the first goal for Italy in the 27th minute.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo hits the post in the 32nd minute.

An opportunity for a goal was lost on Hungary at the end of the first half, after a corner that the Hungary players acted recklessly, so that the first half ended with Italy leading with a clean goal.

7 minutes after Bejaia in the second half, the Azzurri scored a second goal through Dimarco, to turn the tables on the black horse of the group.

Hungary formation

Italy formation