UEL educational material raises awareness and promotes the health of those living with HIV

The Viva PositHIVo project, by the Department of Nursing, Center for Health Sciences (CCS) at UEL, developed an educational material to promote the health of people living with HIV (seropositive). The material, with a patent filed with the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi), is intended to present the process of HIV infection in a didactic way, in addition to encouraging adherence to treatment and reducing the transmission of the virus.

The material has been used in undergraduate Nursing course practices and by residents of Nursing in Infectious Diseases at the University. It is also available, free of charge, for services specializing in the care of HIV-positive patients.

The tool was created by professor Gilselena Kerbauy, from the area of ​​infectology, from the Department of Nursing, with the objective of promoting health through an educational methodology, mainly during consultations with people with HIV. The material is made up of a set of pieces that represent the bloodstream, the HIV virus, the CD4+ T lymphocyte cells, the antiretroviral treatment pills and the action of antiretrovirals.

According to the professor, coordinator of Viva PositHIVo, the tool went through a validation phase and its effectiveness was analyzed by professionals and patients, who approved the use of the material. The research was carried out together with two students from the field of infectious diseases at UEL, Ana Carolina Souza de Lima, Master’s student in the Postgraduate Program in Nursing, and Blenda Gonçalves Cabral, a Nursing resident.

Among the reports is that of a professional infectious disease specialist. “Excellent tool for educational work, very simple, objective and didactic. We serve many people with low education and this can be another illustrative resource to contribute to the dialogue with users. Information structured in a didactic way, the importance of adherence to treatment is very clear”, he said.

People living with HIV, the project’s main target audience, also evaluated the tool’s didactics. “I was pleased to receive this explanation personally in my diagnosis and it was very enlightening, it removed an immense fear and prejudice about the treatment and how it happens. The explanation comforts and leaves the listener calmer, with a feeling of security and longevity, more than a dose of drug is a dose of hope”, reported a patient who participated in the analysis.

HIV – HIV is the acronym in English for the human immunodeficiency virus, a chronic infection that interferes with the defense capacity of the immune system, including the cause of AIDS. Treatment abandonment can stimulate viral resistance, making it necessary to introduce other medications, causing side effects.

According to Gilselena, it is difficult to explain the condition to patients and, therefore, she developed a playful method to inform and guide treatment. “The objective is to bring hope and knowledge to the patient, helping to reduce the fear and stigma of the infection”, declared the professor.

There is an explanatory video on the project’s YouTube channel. Check out: