UFC President Denies McGregor Duel With Edgar

UFC President Denies McGregor Duel With Edg

UFC President Denies McGregor Duel With Edgar

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Earlier Conor McGregor, a former UFC champion in two weight categories, said he will enter the octagon in December with Frankie Edgar, former lightweight champion of the organization. Edgar responded with a potential rival, but UFC president Dan White stated that the battle would not take place.

“Even before Conor’s fight with Mayweather, he said that after such money he might never want to fight again. After that fight, he fought only once (with Khabib Nurmagomedov. – Note Championship)

Conor likes to fight, and he wants to do it again. But he will not fight Frankie Edgar. Frankie is in two weight categories below. He was supposed to meet with Aljamein Sterling, but he was injured.

Frankie's career is nearing completion. He can compete for the title again. And it does not make sense to organize his battle with Conor, ”White quotes MMAJunkie.

In relation to McGregor, White only added that Conor will enter the octagon in 2020, but with whom he did not say.

“I think Conor will fight next year,” the UFC president said.

"Conor barks but does not bite." UFC Champion Challenges McGregor

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