UFC-Que Choisir points to a “surge” in prices

UFC-Que Choisir conducted a survey on the prices of complementary health, which reflects the situation of retirees more than that of active workers. The study concluded with “a median increase of 7.1%” or “126 euros over the year”, with one out of five cases even exceeding 240 euros. This increase is greater among insurers (+9%) and provident institutions (+8.8%) than among mutuals (+6.9%). UFC-Que Choisir points to the “lack of clarity” of complementary health insurance, with expiry notices often failing to “mention the price increase in euros or as a percentage”, as well as the “expenses organization management”, which represent on average 20% of the contributions paid. The association “calls on the government to impose more transparency” so that consumers can “compare offers (and) compete via termination at any time”. This surge in prices has been denounced by the association as a “blow on purchasing power”, with inflation reaching peaks of 5.2% last year.