UFL, the free-to-play football game, returns with gameplay

The UFL football game, which wants to establish itself as a weight license, shows itself with a sequence of gameplay in particular.

Announced last year, UFL is gradually distilling elements about it. Since its true revelation in January 2022the Belarusian team in charge of the production wants to be totally transparent about its creation and periodically shows its free-to-playas she did once again recently with a new video.

A bit of Gameplay for UFL

By unveiling itself at the start of the year, UFL took the opportunity to announce some of its partners and ambassadors, including the famous Cristiano Ronaldo. But, it was above all the first time that we saw something substantial about this game. And, we can now have a new glimpse of it thanks to the new communications published to date, and on Youtube in particular.

We can thus direct, for example, our attention on some ends of a game between two players through a video released several days ago now. What allows us more or less to have an outline of the animal, although, and it is obvious, the defects (bugs and others) abound here and there. But, as stated in the last moments of the publication, the team is currently working to make the necessary improvements.

Otherwise, if you want a little more, a video released recently shows a bit behind the scenes of the game where the team talks about different topics, whether it’s about the stadiums and their details, the interface that will be offered to users or the movements of the different players. Of course, all of this is accessible below. However, you must at least master the language of Shakespeare to be able to follow comfortably.

So what inspires you? Will you be present when this free-to-play is made available on consoles and PC somewhere during this year 2022, as expected?