UGM Professors Are Dragged by Beach Waves, Take Group Photos Under Cliffs and Ignore Search and Rescue Warnings – Following are the moments when a UGM professor with the initials professor SW (78) was swept away by the waves at Pulang Sawal Beach, Tepus Village, Kapanawon Tepus, Gunungkidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta, Saturday (24/9/2022).

At that time, professor SW, a resident of Gonokusuman, Yogyakarta City, and his group played at Pulang Sawal Beach, known as Indrayanti.

Then they took a photo together under the right cliff of the beach at around 11.00 WIB.

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Because taking a group photo under the cliff was considered dangerous, then the Satlinmas SAR officers urged the group of UGM professors to step aside.

However, this warning was not heeded.

Suddenly during the group photo, a big wave appeared and hit the group. The victim SW was dragged into the middle.

“The SAR officers immediately provided assistance and were taken to the side,” said Secretary of the SAR Satlinmas Region II Gunungkidul, Surisdiyanto, as quoted by, Saturday.

When rescued, the victim was unconscious. Foaming at the mouth is thought to be because sea water has entered the body through the mouth.

The victim’s condition is getting worse and worse. The victim died on the way to the Tepus Health Center.

“The victim stopped breathing on the way to the Tepus Health Center. The body was immediately taken to the Wonosari Hospital,” said Suris, Surisdiyanto’s nickname.

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Meanwhile, the SAR Coordinator of Region II Satlinmas Gunungkidul Marjono said his party always asked tourists to obey the SAR team’s advice when visiting coastal areas.

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“We ask that tourists obey the officer’s advice. Moreover, in the south coast the waves are sometimes unpredictable,” said Marjono. (Author: Yogyakarta Contributor, Markus Yuwono | Editor: Ardi Priyatno Utomo)

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