Újpest: The team captain, the most productive player and the national team midfielder leave, a legionary arrives – official

On the last day of June 2022, the contracts of four players will expire, so they will leave Megyeri út, the Újpest.

The team captain leaves the team, Nikola Mitrovicwho has scored 5 goals and 18 assists in the last two seasons, and has been one of the busiest players of recent seasons with nearly 5,000 minutes of play.

He leaves the defense Georgios Koutroumpiswho played in 61 matches in Újpest (he played in 30 matches last season, each time he got a place in the starting lineup), and from the midfield the six-time national team Peter Szakálywho played his 350th first class match in Újpest colors.

At the end of your loan agreement I’ll be Zivzivadzének he had to return to the team of MOL Fehérvár FC and start the preparation period there. The Georgian striker was the most successful footballer in purple and white with 11 goals and 2 assists in 12 games, producing a great spring season.

Fifth, Újpest terminated the contract with the Brazilian attacker by mutual agreement, Fernando Vianavalhe entered the field a total of 23 times in the 2021-22 season.

Újpest also announced on its official website that it has signed Matija Ljujic, who was recently at the forefront of Israel and came to Megyeri from the Hapoel Haifa team, which had 1 goal pass in 17 stakes matches.

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