LONDON – British Prime Minister Theresa May admits she will be "irritated" by the debate over her leadership during the difficult Brexit negotiations.

She told the BBC in an interview to be aired on Monday that she was worried about the country's future, not her own, as talks on Britain's upcoming exit from the European Union continue.

May faces a split in her Conservative Party, with some influential figures preferring a wider break with the EU than she advocates. Around 50 hardliners met Tuesday evening to discuss their possible dismissal.

In the interview, May said that the leadership discussion might distract.

"I'm a little bit confused, but this debate is not about my future, this debate is about the future of the people of the UK and the future of the UK," she said. "That's what I focus on and we should all focus on that."

May criticized former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned in July to protest her plan to keep some close links with the EU after Brexit.

Johnson, who many analysts consider a potential successor to the controversial Prime Minister, recently caused a sensation when he compared Mays Brexit's strategy to a "suicide vest."

"I have to say that this choice of language is completely inappropriate," said May.

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