Britain is desperately fighting the spread of the Sars CoV-2 coronavirus. The situation could be as bad as in Italy.

  • The United Kingdom (UK) is fighting desperately against the Sars CoV-2 * coronavirus
  • prime minister Boris Johnson is criticized
  • Healthcare system NHS faces collapse after years of austerity measures

Update, Tuesday, March 24, 7:50 p.m .: The number of Corona dead in the UK rose by 87 to 422 by evening. The number of confirmed infections is now more than 8000.

The actual number is likely to be even higher. In the United Kingdom (UK), only around 82,000 people have been tested so far, far less than in Germany, for example. British Health Minister Matt Hancock said the government was about to buy millions of test sets.

Londoners ignore warnings about Corona: Mayor Khan stunned

First registration, Tuesday, March 24, 2:26 p.m .: London – Sadiq Khan was stunned. “We have to stop all unnecessary trips,” said the Mayor of London With. “Ignoring these rules means losing more lives.” Corona crisis offer to work at home.

The reason for his excitement was pictures from the subways of the British capital. Because even on Tuesday (March 24th) many trains in London were still completely overcrowded, in many compartments the passengers stood side by side – and that despite the government fighting against that Coronavirus Sars CoV-2 had just imposed stricter exit restrictions.

Corona in the UK: People ignore government recommendations

A Nurse had no interest in sitting on the subway on her way to the clinic. As a precaution, she would rather walk 40 minutes, she told the German Press Agency. She did not want to endanger herself and the patients.

Which is a voice of reason that is otherwise in the UK surprisingly often still missing. Most British people simply ignored the government’s recommendations at the weekend. People soaked up the sun in the beautiful spring weather in the parks of London, and there were also plenty of day trippers in the Snowdonia Mountains in Wales, in the Scottish Highlands and in Cornwall in the south west of England.

Fighting UK corona pandemic: British irritated by new exit restrictions

But apparently the latest exit restrictions in the fight against that Corona pandemic not clearly formulated. In a speech to the nation on Monday (23 March), Prime Minister Boris Johnson * instructed his compatriots to leave their own four walls as little as possible. Meetings of more than two people are prohibited. The house should only be left for the purchase of essential items such as food and medicine, for the way to work and once a day for sports. Shops that are not used for basic services had to close immediately.

Police chiefs reported on Tuesday (March 24th) that they were receiving a flood of questions that they could not answer. The leader of the Labor opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, demanded clarification as to which workplaces must now be closed. Previously, a sporting goods company had unsuccessfully opposed the closure on the grounds that its equipment was crucial for the fight against the novel pathogen.

Corona in the United Kingdom: Situation is getting worse

The situation in the United Kingdom (UK) has been worsening for days. Boris Johnson in particular is criticized, much too late for that Coronavirus
pandemic to have reacted. The hesitation could prove fatal, warn scientists. Already more than 335 people have died from the infection on the island, the curve of the case numbers develops very similar to that in Italy – with a difference of two weeks.

In fact, Johnson was initially very hesitant about the corona pandemic. The prime minister, based on the advice of his advisers, started out with a completely different strategy than most other countries. Since the corona virus is unstoppable, drastic measures should be delayed as long as possible. It makes the most sense if part of the population is infected and then immunized. With this“Herd Immunity” the UK wanted to avoid a second wave of infection in the fall. The World Health Agency WHO was no friend of this strategy, and many scientists accused Johnson of following an erroneous line.

UK Corona Pandemic: Pre-Collapse Health Service

Johnson has meanwhile turned around. But the United Kingdom (UK) is also struggling with the problem that the national health service NHS is poorly prepared * for the coronavirus crisis. Even with flu waves, the tax-financed system is on the verge of collapse, but now it could, given the Corona crisis to collapse.

Now the years of austerity measures have had a negative impact. In the United Kingdom (UK), only 6.6 beds per 100,000 inhabitants were available in intensive care units before the outbreak of the crisis. There is a lack of personnel and material, protective masks and respirators are in short supply.

By Christian Stör

* is part of the Ippen-Digital editors network

Rubric list image: © AFP / Justin Tallis

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