UK extends lockdown to close to 20,000 a day… Health minister resigns

Outside the country, Britain is cluttered. The lockdown was extended when the number of confirmed cases per day was nearly 20,000 due to the spread of the delta mutation, but protests took place here. At this critical juncture, the health minister resigned amid scandals.

Reporter Jeong Hye-kyung reports.

Thousands of protesters filled the streets of downtown London, England.

The British government is facing an unexpected emergency due to the recent spread of the highly contagious delta mutant virus, and the lifting of quarantine guidelines such as wearing a mask, distancing, and working from home has been postponed for four weeks until next month.

They gathered in front of the Prime Minister’s office to protest, throwing tennis balls and shouting slogans.

During the protest, three people were arrested on charges of violence, etc., and three police officers were injured.

As of the 26th local time, the number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the UK stood at 18,000.

This is the highest number since the 19,000 mark in February.

Thanks to the authorities’ active vaccination efforts, the daily death toll is fortunately maintained at the level of 20.

Reuters said the UK’s rapid vaccination program is severing the link between the recent surge in confirmed cases and serious or death.

Health Minister Matt Hancock resigned today (27th) after violating social distancing guidelines and having an affair with an aide even though he was responsible for the quarantine policy.

Former UK health minister Matt Hancock resigns

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Former Finance Minister Sajid Zabid has been appointed as Health Minister.

(Video editing: Seungjin Lee)