UK finds new mutation of the Omicron variant in 53 people

Strain BA.2 was also found in other European countries, mainly in Denmark, where it is responsible for half of the contaminations

Idrees Mohammed/EPA/EFE – 12/03/2021New strain BA.2 is not more aggressive than the others

A new mutation of Ômicron variant of Covid-19 was found in 53 people in the United Kingdom. The UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) reported on Friday that a sister variant of BA.1, the Ômicron type, has also been found in other European countries. This strain would be responsible for the increase in cases of the disease in the country in December. However, there is no indication so far that the strain BA.2 be more serious. At Denmark it is already responsible for half of the contamination, but the government says that hospitalizations have not increased and that the vaccines in circulation are effective in combating the most serious forms. UKHSA Chief Medical Adviser Susan Hopkins is confident in the effectiveness of immunizations. “This latest set of analyzes demonstrates once again that a booster dose of the vaccine offers significant protection against Omicron’s hospitalization. Booster doses also increase protection against symptomatic and asymptomatic infections, which will reduce transmission in the population,” he explained.