UK has brought a case against the US journalist who called to blow up the Crimean Bridge


The author of an article published in the United States with a proposal to Ukraine to blow up the Crimean Bridge became a figurant of a criminal case in Russia about the calls for terrorism, the Investigative Committee

Tom Rogan (Photo: GVH Live / YouTube)

The Investigation Committee of Russia initiated a criminal case against a journalist from the United States Tom Rogan, the author of an article entitled “Ukraine needs to blow up the Putin’s Crimean Bridge, reported on the agency’s website.

“According to the investigation, in this article by Tom Rogan, placed in the public domain on the Internet, signs of public calls to carry out terrorist activities on the territory of the Russian Federation that have the purpose of destabilizing the activities of the authorities of the Russian Federation and influencing their decision-making,” in the message of TFR.

Article Rogan falls under the effect of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code (terrorist act), the investigation believes. In addition, the SCR conducts a pre-investigation audit of the editor’s actions that posted the article.

Tom Rogan’s column Ukraine should blow up Putin’s Crimea bridge was published on May 15 in the rubric “Opinions” on the website of the newspaper The Washigton Examiner . In it, the author calls the Crimean Bridge “an outrageous insult to the authority of Ukraine as a nation” and adds that, “from the point of view of Putin, this is the whole meaning of the bridge.” He also expressed the opinion that the Ukrainian Air Force should strike at the bridge.

“Metaphor of the Putin era”: Western media about the opening of the Crimean bridge

Commenting on the publication of Rogan, at the Russian Embassy in the United States declared that they regard it “as a reflection of the true intentions of a certain part of the Washington establishment, continuing the line of inciting hatred and enmity between Ukraine and Russia.” The diplomatic mission asked the publication of The Washington Examiner to explain how this publication reflects the editorial policy of the publication.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov declared , that Rogan’s article “can be assessed as insanity”, and its calls to blow up the bridge “it makes sense to pay attention to law enforcement agencies,” including in the US.

Video: RT in Russian

The opening ceremony of the bridge took place May 15. It was attended by President Vladimir Putin, who personally drove across the bridge behind the wheel of KamAZ. For motorists, the movement was opened on May 16.

Opening of the automobile traffic along the Crimean bridge. Photoreport

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