UK PM Truss to stick to big tax cut plan despite growing voter dissatisfaction – Bloomberg

Prime Minister Truss has said he intends to stick to his entire fiscal plan, even as polls show growing voter dissatisfaction with Britain’s Prime Minister Truss and the ruling Conservative Party.

In an interview with The Telegraph newspaper reported late on Thursday, Truss said the UK needed change and was determined to stick with the plan because he believed the big tax cuts would make the country more successful. .

About three-quarters of British voters believe Prime Minister Truss and Chancellor Kwartengu have “lost control” of the British economy, according to the latest poll by the Sunday newspaper Observer.

The pound hit new lows amid heightened concerns about funding for the Truss administration’s big tax cut plan. The Bank of England (British central bank) has made a dramatic move to prevent a bond market meltdown. The turmoil is likely to cast a shadow over the Conservative Party convention, which opens in Birmingham on Thursday.

Observers said the main opposition Labor extended its lead over the Conservatives to 19 points ahead of the Conservative Congress. Mr Truss’s approval rating now trails even that of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson amid the “partygate” allegations, the paper added.

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Truss Sticks to Guns as Polls Show Growing Voter Discontent (1)(抜粋)