The UK is poised to be plagued by days of pouring rain and "disturbing" gusts reaching 50 miles per hour by Wednesday next week.

The harsh weather is being pushed to Britain by a low-pressure, 2,000-mile-wide "jet" carried by the jet stream through the Atlantic.

Wet and windy conditions, especially in the western regions of the UK, are expected to continue until next weekend and beyond.

John Hammond of weathertrending said: "This week, the jetstream will be throwing a series of wet and windy spells towards the UK through a huge deep-pressure vortex in the Eastern Atlantic.

"The potential for disturbing winds must be observed. Western parts are the most vulnerable. Several humid periods are expected. "

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WET AND WINDY: Britain is plagued by a wave of low pressure systems (Image: WX CHARTS)

The weather of unexplained weather comes on Saturday after heavy gusts and heavy rains in parts of the UK, with further disturbances expected tonight.

Acting Chief Executive Mark Wilson said conditions could be better on Monday before returning wet and windy on Tuesday.

He said, "On Saturday, fireworks conditions were not very good because the low-pressure system was made up of the remains of Hurricane Oskar.

"Monday could rain in the southwest, but will be drier elsewhere.

"The winds will pick up again later Tuesday, with 40km / h winds and windy winds, and the strongest winds are expected to be low pressure during the rest of the work week in the south and possibly into the weekend."

"The potential for disturbing winds must be observed"

Forecaster John Hammond

Looking to the future, forecasters have urged the UK to prepare for pouring downpours and strong 90km / h wind speeds that would cause disrupted travel over the next three months.

According to the Met office, the prospect of storms in the UK in November, December and January is higher than usual.

The Met Office calls storms when they may trigger yellow or red warnings.

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UNSETTLED: A "whirlwind" is supposed to drive the low pressure towards the UK (Image: WX CHARTS)

In his November-to-January forecast, the Met office said, "The probability of spells in very wet and stormy weather is usually higher during the period than it was."

Up to five storms – Deirdre, Erik, Freya, Gareth, and Hannah – could affect Britain within this period, predicts The Weather Company.

The predicted frequency of storms is due to a strong jet stream that initiated low pressure systems towards the UK.

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SEVERE WEATHER: The Met Office expects a stormier winter (Image: WX CHARTS)

Leon Brown, head of meteorological operations on the weather channel, said, "In early December, four more named Atlantic storms are expected, plus the threat of a fifth named storm before Christmas.

"In parts of the north and the west, travel disruptions and gusts of more than 90 km / h are expected.

"A stormy, mobile Atlantic pattern is predicted in early winter before it gets colder as of the New Year, as the westerly winds wane."


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