Ukraine. A 16-year-old driving a luxury car caused a fatal accident. Victim’s Family Lawyer: He will definitely not be released under an amnesty

The Kharkiv tragedy shocked the Ukrainian public opinion. The teenager did not have a driving license, drove almost 180 kilometers per hour behind the wheel of an Infiniti and did not stop at a red light. A family lawyer for a 58-year-old man who died in an accident caused by a 16-year-old said the minor was facing up to seven years in prison.

The tragic event took place on Tuesday evening on one of the main streets of Kharkiv. Police said the 16-year-old driving the Infiniti ignored the red light and collided with another car at an intersection in downtown Kharkiv. A 58-year-old Chevrolet driver has died and three Infiniti people – two 19-year-olds and a 16-year-old – have been seriously injured. According to local media reports, citing police sources, the speed of the Infiniti just before the accident could have reached 180 kilometers per hour.


The teenager did not have a driving license (in Ukraine it is issued from the age of 18). The car belonged to his mother, who lives abroad.

16-year-old perpetrator of an accident in court National Police of Ukraine

“Toxic” thing

On Thursday, the Kharkiv court decided to detain the 16-year-old for two months. The defense’s motion to place the man under house arrest was rejected. The 16-year-old refused to answer police questions. During the hearing of the court that decided on his detention, he apologized to the victim’s family. He said he “did not want that to happen and that he regretted it.”

A teenager’s lawyer told reporters that her client “did not remember the circumstances of the accident and whether he personally drove”. There was also a thesis that the car was not fully perpetrator and that the “brakes failed”. A minor perpetrator of an accident may face up to seven years in prison – this is the maximum sentence, taking into account his age.

Kharkov. Accident place. Destroyed Infiniti in the photo National Police of Ukraine

– This is the case when we know for sure that politicians act according to what society demands of them. I think that President Volodymyr Zelensky knows for sure that the case is “toxic”, so the perpetrator will certainly not be released under the amnesty, lawyer Masi Najem said in an interview with the Ukrainian portal Apostrof. It is a lawyer who responded to the appeal of the family of the deceased 58-year-old man and offered to help in representing the injured party in court without paying any costs.

Public indignation

The tragic event outraged the Ukrainian public opinion, which asked whether a teenager who had already had problems with the law would be punished. On social networks, journalists published recordings of his “atypical” behavior. In one of the recordings, he was seen among his friends who drank alcohol during a birthday party. The perpetrator was to present the birthday boy a gun, with the words: “it will be your true friend”.

The outrage was also sparked by a video in which, shortly before causing the accident, the 16-year-old was said to boast that “the speed of his car will reach 200 kilometers per hour”. It came from the cell phone of his peer, who was in Infiniti at the time.

A damaged Chevy whose driver was killed in an accident National Police of Ukraine

The teenager also broke traffic rules earlier. He was said to boast on Instagram that “a driving license is not needed, and you can arrange everything for $ 100-200”.

Two years earlier, a teenager used a gun in one of Kharkiv’s supermarkets. He shot a woman and her son with an air pistol. The mother stood up for the daughter he “accosted”. He was then sentenced to two years suspended.

In an interview with the Unian agency, neighbors from the block where the 16-year-old’s family lives, said that he was “an ordinary boy, that they did not notice anything unusual, that he was constantly watering flowers in the street”. – It seems to be good, although it exalts itself. He’s always doing something in the yard, taking care of trees, watering and planting – said one of Unian’s interlocutors.

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Main photo source: National Police of Ukraine