Ukraine begins to mine territory recovered from Russian forces / Article

Oleh Bondar, head of the Sapper Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, said that Russian troops had used remote mining systems, cynically leaving minefields uncontrolled in populated areas where civilian lives were at stake.

Mines and ammunition were discovered in Kiev, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Sumy and other areas where Russian troops had invaded.

The official also pointed out that after the depopulation of the settlements, initial safety measures are being taken – the area is being inspected, roads and electricity, water and gas supply systems are being restored. Later, agricultural lands where farmers want to start spring sowing are surveyed and cleared.

The International Coordination Center for Demining has also started working under the auspices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Experts say that some of the mines left by the Russian army are banned from using international conventions.

Latvia could send its demining specialists, who would help neutralize explosives in the liberated territories, to Ukraine, said Minister of Defense Artis Pabriks (“For Development / About!”). In an interview on the LTV program “Rīta Panorāma”, Pabriks admitted that deminers could go to the Kiev region even while the war in other regions of Ukraine has not yet ended.


On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Putin claimed that NATO was going to use Ukraine as a bridgehead for aggression against Russia, although there was no evidence of these allegations. Ukraine believes that Putin’s real goal is to destroy Ukraine’s statehood and bring the territory under Moscow’s control.

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Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has provoked widespread international condemnation, and new sanctions are being imposed on Russia. Many Western companies have decided to leave the Russian market.

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