Ukraine: black cloth on David statue in the square in Florence – Tuscany

Nardella: ‘It is a gesture of mourning and pain’

The statue of David in Piazza della Signoria in Florence was covered with a black cloth as a sign of mourning for the war. On the black cloth placed this morning, the mayor of Florence together with some representatives of the Ukrainian community displayed the yellow and blue flag and some ribbons of the same colors.
“Today we want to remember Michelangelo on the day of his birth, March 6 – said Nardella -, with this gesture which is a gesture of mourning and pain. It is a very strong gesture of mourning to remember the thousands and thousands of victims who in these ten days they have already counted. Civilian victims in Kiev and in all other Ukrainian cities but also military ones. We also want to remember the Russian military, the young Russian soldiers sent by Putin and his government to die in a crazy, unjust war and therefore incomprehensible for Florence this is a day of mourning and pain for all the dead “. The mayor thanked his friends from the Ukrainian community and also two young Russians present for “carrying out this gesture with us”. The mayor also invited the Florentines “to bring flowers against the war”.


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