Ukraine captures a Russian tank and shows how its soldiers handle it

In the midst of a counteroffensive, Ukraine released images of the moment when capture a russian tank. From the Ministry of Defense of the country invaded by Russia they shared the video on Twitter, where you can see how Ukrainian soldiers load the military vehicle.

“Movement in the right direction. A captured Russian T-80U tank is operated by the Ukrainian military towing a captured Russian Msta-B 152mm howitzer in the Kharkiv region,” the Ukrainian military said, referring to the battlefield feat.

In the recording you can see a Ukrainian tank being driven by two soldiers in the middle of a dirt path. Behind the vehicle is the Russian tank, which was won in the middle of the war.

This Wednesday, in addition, the Ministry of Defense reported that the United States will send a new package of weapons and supplies to Ukraine worth 1.1 billion dollars to reinforce kyiv’s forces in the medium and long term.

Orders from US military suppliers include Himars missile systems and ammunition, anti-drone systems, radar and armored vehicles, according to a Defense Department statement.

A Himars missile

“These weapons and equipment will increase the effectiveness of our defensive operations,” they argued from the Ukrainian army, and thanked President Joe Biden.

In that sense, they said that today the United States Department of Defense announced that they will send 18 additional Himars missiles. “Is the fear of being hit by a policeman greater than the fear of being torn apart by a Himars missile, the chances of which have increased significantly? Ukrainians will never understand,” they tweeted.