Ukraine, Draghi: every initiative for peace, even Biden-Putin contact

As soon as he returned from his trip to the US, today Prime Minister Mario Draghi in CDM wanted to inform ministers about the US ‘mission’ and therefore make an initial assessment of the issues dealt with but also report the satisfaction with the great welcome received by the Italian government. On the point of the war in Ukraine, according to sources from Palazzo Chigi, the president stressed that the conflict is taking on a new shape and that therefore the future must be built.

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How? We try to answer this question and it is the one, underlined by Palazzo Chigi, that the premier has already exposed in several of his latest statements: it is necessary to bring the parties to a table to build a path of peace, a credible, lasting and sustainable which can only be what the Ukrainians want to build. Any initiative must be taken to reach the goal and in this reasoning, it is explained, Draghi even went so far as to hypothesize a direct contact between Biden and Putin.

Furthermore, Draghi spoke on CDM of the great concern for the food situation with the blockade of ports in Ukraine, starting with that of Odessa which would be undermined, and therefore the risk of a social trauma that must be avoided. The premier reported that this was one of the issues in focus along with that of energy independence – on which the Italian government was particularly praised in the US – underlining how the food emergency could build a first step towards the start. of a dialogue.