Ukraine has restricted the use of the Russian musical product

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the draft law amending some laws of Ukraine on support for the national musical product and restriction of public use of the musical product of the aggressor state.

The deputy of the People’s Servant party, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Subcommittee on Regulation, Pavlo Frolov, wrote about it via Telegram, reports Ukrinform.

“Law No.7273-d defined the concept of a national musical product, introduced programs for its support and development, including through subsidies, prohibited interpretation, presentation, demonstration, reproduction of phonograms, videograms and musical clips made by a singer who has been a citizen of the aggressor state since 1991 or a natural/legal person registered in the Russian Federation (except the above who are or at the time of death were citizens of Ukraine and do not have or did not have Russian citizenship at the time of death ),” Frolov said.

According to him, the parliament increased the share of songs to 40% and the daily volume of news, analysis and entertainment programs in the state language to 75%.

From now on, touring events will also be prohibited for singers who are Russian citizens (except for those who condemn the aggression against Ukraine and are included in the corresponding list).

Putin’s Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.


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