Ukraine, Labor at La7: “Draghi says he wants peace? He doesn’t do it by sending weapons. World War III can break out at any moment “

“The press conference of Draghi after meeting with Joe Biden? It is not enough to mention the word ‘negotiated’ to change the line of a country. You can’t cure diabetes with yarrow, peace cannot be facilitated by continuing to send weapons to one of the two contenders, overlooking the fact that for ours Constitution we could not even send them to defend a non-allied country and therefore let alone for the offensive purpose that the Americans and the British propose. This is the fundamental theme “. Thus, a “Half past eight” (La7), the director of the Everyday occurrenceMarco Travagliocomments the press conference held yesterday in Washington by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghiafter his conversation with the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

Travaglio defines Draghi’s press conference as “smoky” (“he tried to hold together all the positions that obviously no longer fit together”) and explains: “We need to see what Italy will do in practice and if it is true if it is so coordinated with Macron and with other European leaders to lead Russia and Ukraine at the table. It is clear that a country that continues to fill one of the two contenders, namely Ukraine, with arms cannot bring them to the table. Since the Usa are sending a mountain of weapons – he continues – we should begin to wonder if it is not the case that theEuropa let the Americans do the dirty work and start taking a different line, and that is to stop supplying arms to Ukraine, which is already full of them. In a while there will be traffic problems to park all the tanks we send, without then understanding who will use all those weapons, since there is a problem of men in those parts. In short, we should propose ourselves as mediators”.

The director of the DoneFinally, he recalled that Draghi has now been absent from Parliament for two months and expresses his wish: “I hope that sooner or later we will see Draghi in Parliament and that all the politicians, today forced to talk, on the street or under the house, about a question that is called ‘latent third world war’, able to explode at the first accident anywhere and at any time, find themselves in the cradle of democracy to address this issue. That is, what are we doing, for what purpose are we continuing to send arms, and whether this is compatible with the intention declared today by our Prime Minister. I don’t think everything will be resolved with a press conference ”.