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There is already a preliminary scheme: first the demining of the Black Sea by the Turkish engineers – an operation that could take a month -, then the escort of the Ankara Navy to the cargo anchored in the Ukrainian ports up to neutral waters, with a coordination and monitoring center in Istanbul. Erdogan’s bet for unlocking the world grain crisis comes to the test of facts. The general agreement, limited for now in Odessa, would have been reached by Moscow and Kiev with Turkish mediation, says the Russian daily Izvetsia, and will end on Wednesday at the center of the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov.

If multiple long-range rocket launchers were delivered to Ukraine, Moscow could hit the heart of power of Kiev, targeting strategic infrastructure and government institutions. After the United Kingdom also announced the dispatch of missiles with a range of 80 km, the M270 multiple rocket systems to “strike deep into Russian positions by placing batteries farther from the front”, which add to the Himars promised by the USA, Russia raises the bar. The warning came from the head of the Defense Committee of the Duma, the lower house, Andrei Kartapolov, citing the airport of the Ukrainian capital and the Verkhovna Rada, the seat of Parliament, as possible targets.

Called to the Farnesina the Russian ambassador Razov. ‘We reject the allegations of amorality of institutions and the media ‘, says the Secretary General of Foreign Affairs Sequi, who reiterates the Italian condemnation of the aggression, and the urgency of an agreement to unblock wheat. But the ambassador insists, and attacks ‘hostile media propaganda’ and ‘unacceptable statements by senior officials’.

Russia has begun to deliver to Ukraine the bodies of dozens of soldiers who died in the defense of theAzovstal steel plant in Mariupol. The corpses will now have to be identified through DNA, explained Maksym Zhorin, former leader of the Azov regiment now commander of a Kiev army unit. He brings it back to the AP on his site.

The consequences of the missile attacks on Kiev: buildings destroyed

After more than a month, the war returns to Kiev: a Russian bombing hit a factory in the eastern part of the Ukrainian capital. And Moscow threatens the Ukrainian capital as a possible retaliation for the sending of rocket launchers beyond 80 km confirmed by the British. Russia could hit Ukrainian infrastructures and institutions of the Kiev government if multiple long-range rocket launchers were delivered to Ukraine: this is the warning issued by the head of the defense commission of the Duma, the Russian lower house.

In the meantime, it is a coincidence the cancellation of the visit of the Russian foreign minister Lavrov in Serbia: “The unthinkable has happened”: this is how Lavrov commented on the decision of several European countries to close their airspace to his flight, forcing him to give up his planned visit to Serbia, a “friend” country of Moscow. According to Serbian interior minister Aleksandar Vulin, those who prevented the arrival of Russian foreign minister Serghiei Lavrov in Belgrade “do not want peace and dream of the defeat of Russia”. “I am deeply sorry that the visit of a great and proven friend of Serbia, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Serghiei Lavrov, has been prevented. The world in which diplomats cannot seek peace is a world in which there is no it is peace. Those who prevented Serghei Lavrov’s arrival do not want peace, and they dream of the defeat of Russia, “said Vulin, a Serbian politician known for his national-patriotic and pro-Russian positions. Quoted by the media, the interior minister added that Serbia is proud not to be part of the anti-Russian hysteria, while the countries that are will have time to be ashamed of it.

Lavrov: ‘It is unthinkable to close the airspace to a sovereign state’

In Severodonetsk the Ukrainians “resist”, but the Russians are “more numerous and more powerful”. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky photographing the situation in the main battle scene at the moment in Ukraine. The Ukrainian president yesterday went to the Lugansk front to meet and encourage the troops.
“The number of bombings on Severdonetsk and Lysychansk has increased tenfold. In the Lugansk region there are many cities with a situation comparable to that of Mariupol: now the Russians are leveling Severdonetsk and Lysychansk “: said the head of the regional administration, Sergey Gaidai, according to the Guardian. Russian troops deployed heavy weapons, such as Iskander-M short-range hypersonic tactical ballistic missile systems, on Belarusian territory along the Ukrainian border: this was announced by the General Staff of Kiev, according to reports from the Kyiv Independent. Russia has also placed Pantsir medium-range ground-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems, S-400 missile systems, and operational and tactical aircraft along the border.

The rocket launchers that the UK will send to Kiev will also have a range of 80 km, confirms London. The delivery of new weapons has the sole objective of “extending the conflict”, says Putin. The UK government claims the planned supply of long-range multi-warhead missile systems to Ukraine as justified. Prime Minister Boris Johnson writes this in a message in which he ignores the crucial vote of confidence tonight on his leadership in the Tory house to return to challenge Vladimir Putin’s Russia instead. “We – he tweets – cannot watch inert the Russian long-range artillery fire that flattens cities and kills civilians. This is why the United Kingdom will donate multiple missile systems to the Ukrainian armed forces, so that they can effectively repel the incessant aggression “of Moscow. The Russian foreign minister summons the US media today. “I talked to Boris Johnson. We talked about the situation at the front. I received confirmation of a new strengthened defense support package for Ukraine. The question of intensifying work on security guarantees has been raised. Together with the Grand Brittany we are looking for ways to avoid the food crisis and unblock ports “, writes Zelensky on twitter. Russia is ready to strike Ukrainian territories further from its borders the more powerful the range of the new weapons Kiev will receive from the West: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said today during an online press conference. Tass reports it. “President Vladimir Putin has already commented on the situation that will emerge with the arrival of new weapons, I can only add that the longer the range of the weapons you supply will be, the more we will move the line beyond which the presence of the neo-Nazis will be considered a threat to the Russian Federation “.

Putin: ‘New weapons in Kiev will prolong the war’

The Biden administration supports the efforts of its allies and partners, including Italy, to end the war in Ukraine. A spokesman for the White House told ANSA, answering the question on how the US government considers the Italian proposal in four points for the ceasefire in Ukraine and to put an end to the conflict through a negotiated agreement.

“I remember that the war was provoked by Russia, which is the aggressor, and is claiming victims among the Ukrainian citizens, who are the attacked. We will continue to work for peace, we will continue to work for diplomatic escalation, but for wanting peace takes two “. This was said by the Foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio, in Naples. “Ukraine has made important openings in recent months but Russia continues to intensify the bombing of the Donbass”, he added. “This thing continues to be said. I am acting as Foreign Minister on the basis of a resolution that passed the Parliament and was voted by almost all parties in Parliament, not only those of the majority but also some of the opposition “, replied Di Maio to those who asked him if the position expressed by the Government is not in conflict with that of the M5S leader, Giuseppe With you. The Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Ettore Francesco Sequi, ha summoned to the Farnesinaon the instruction of Minister Luigi Di Maio, in concert with Palazzo Chigi, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Italy, Sergey Razov. Ambassador Sequi has firmly rejected the accusations of amorality of some representatives of Italian institutions and media, expressed in recent statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Secretary General of the Farnesina also rejected the insinuations relating to the alleged involvement of the media of our country in an anti-Russian campaign. Sequi renewed the sentence on Razov for the unjustified attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation. Sequi – reads a note – reiterated the hope of the Italian Government that a negotiated solution to the conflict can soon be reached on an equitable basis and respect for Ukrainian sovereignty and the principles of international law. Finally, he stressed the importance of quickly defining an agreement to unblock grain exports from Ukrainian ports in order to avoid serious consequences for global food security. The Russian ambassador to Rome Sergey Razov, summoned this morning by the Farnesina, “dwelt on the sometimes unacceptable statements of high Italian officials against Russia and its leadership. He stressed that the propaganda line that is dominating in the Italian media can hardly to be qualified other than as hostile. It asked for moderation and balance, traditional for Italian foreign policy, in the interest of maintaining positive relations and cooperation between the Russian and Italian peoples in the long term “. He let the Russian embassy know in a statement.