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If Russia wants to start relations on gas transit from scratch, then legal disputes will not hinder this. This opinion was expressed on Facebook by the executive director of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko.

He recalled that Gazprom did not want to conclude an agreement with Naftogaz, which was making claims, but with a new operator of the gas transmission system.

“This is a consequence of the“ out-of-banding ”that everyone is talking about,” Vitrenko recalled. By “unbundling” is meant the separation from Naftogaz of a separate independent structure that will deal with gas transportation. Such a separation is necessary in order to comply with European standards in this area.

Russia claims that it is ready to sign a long-term contract if Kiev manages to implement the provisions of the EU’s Third Energy Package by 2020, but doubts that this is possible.

Thus, Vitrenko stated that Gazprom can negotiate with a new company that does not raise any complaints, and litigation with Naftogaz will continue.

Earlier, the head of Naftogaz Andrei Kobolev said that the company requires the Russian side $ 22 billion for problems with the contract. We are talking about the already won case in the Stockholm arbitration, the amount of the fine on which reached almost three billion dollars, the fine of the Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee for seven billion and new claims for 12 billion dollars. According to Kobolev, if Russia wants to nullify all these claims, then it should offer something in return, but it does not.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, November 6, the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller confirmed that a long-term agreement with Kiev on the transit of gas through Ukraine from 2020 is possible only in case of mutual rejection of claims. This was announced a day earlier by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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