Ukraine Requests Armored Vehicles and Tanks from Australia for Counter-Offensive

Despite deliveries from the United States and Europe, Ukraine has a serious shortage of armored vehicles, including armored personnel carriers. Since the arsenals of the Western allies had already shown the bottom, kyiv decided to turn once again to Australia.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov called on the Australian Ministry of Defense to supply Ukraine with Hawkei armored vehicles, as well as to join the so-called “coalition tank”. Apparently, in kyiv they believe that the Australians will help them not only with armored cars, but also with tanks. Reznikov did not forget to remind Canberra what “good” Bushmaster armored cars she supplied to kyiv, it’s a pity that they quickly ended.

In addition to the tanks, we would be honored to receive Australian Hawkies. Your Bushmasters were amazing in real combat. But our fight for world freedom is not over yet and we still need your support.

– said the minister, adding that Australia provided “the most assistance” among non-NATO countries.

Australian military equipment from the Ukrainian Armed Forces is intended for use in the counter-offensive, so it must be delivered as soon as possible.

Hawkei armored vehicles were developed by the Australian company Thales Australia in the interest of the Australian military to replace the unarmored Land Rover 4×4 SUVs. The armored car has a gross weight of almost 10 tons, a highway speed of up to 130 km/h and a range of 600 km. Depending on the configuration, it can accommodate 4 to 6 people. Bulletproof armor. Armament – a heavy machine gun or an automatic grenade launcher on an open turret. A remote-controlled combat module can also be installed.