Ukraine: Russian soldiers killed civilians and looted a car showroom

The attack took place near Kiev in early March.

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WASHINGTON / KIEV. CNN has released a video in which Russian soldiers murdered two unarmed civilians and robbed a car show in the Kiev region.

According to the station, the event is being investigated by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office as a war crime.

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Footage from several cameras shows how five Russian soldiers are trying to get into the car showroom, shooting at locked doors and breaking windows. A pair of men whom CNN identified as the owner of the business and a 68-year-old police officer come to them with their hands over their heads.

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At first they searched them, and after a short conversation, the two men turn and walk away. Just then, however, the soldiers open fire on their backs and both civilians fall to the ground.

But the constable was still alive. The video shows how hard he gets to his feet and bounces back to his workplace. He managed to call for help, but he was bleeding until the called members of the local militia arrived.

In addition to the murder, the video shows Russian soldiers looting a car showroom, putting on bulletproof vests, looking through drawers and tables, one taking a hat and trying it on. Two of the soldiers are pouring a drink and apparently drinking it.

The incident took place on March 16 on the main road leading to Kiev, which Russian forces tried to encircle at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. After significant losses, they finally withdrew from the vicinity of the Ukrainian capital at the end of March.

CNN asked the Russian Ministry of Defense for a comment, but did not receive an answer.

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