Ukraine says Russia has already spent about 60 percent of its high-precision arsenal

The Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine He reported this Wednesday that, according to his reports, the Russian Army has already used about 60 percent of its high-precision arsenal. In fact, in some weapons models Russia has already used more than 70 percent of its capacities, thus approaching the “threshold level” of arsenal that, according to the Ukrainian Intelligence representative, Vadim Skibitski, the Armies must maintain.

For Skibitski, Russia has reached this situation after launching missiles chaotically during the first stages of the offensive against Ukraine and, in addition, Moscow now faces greater difficulty in replenishing its reserves, according to Ukrinform. “They do not have such a capability and the rapid production of high-precision weapons, especially the economic sanctions, the political sanctions imposed on Russia, do not allow now the active and wide use of components of foreign production,” the Ukrainian official explained.

Thus, this situation is forcing the Russian military high command to analyze each launch in more detail and reducing the number of missiles it uses depending on what type of target it wants to attack. “Russia’s high-precision ammunition and weapons resources are at a limit level,” he said.

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