Ukraine: shock video on BBC, Russians kill man with raised hands – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 26 – Shocking images on the BBC: a video, taken near Kiev by a Ukrainian territorial defense group that carries out aerial surveillance – called ‘Bugatti’ – shows a civilian whose car is forced to stop, perhaps hit from bullets, which descends from the vehicle with his hands raised, and a few moments later is killed by the Russians.

The victim’s car, along with two others, makes a U-turn when it sees a Russian post just ahead, at the edge of the road. His car stops, and Maksim Iovenko is shot down while he is clearly with his hands up a few steps away from the car.

The BBC, which asked for a comment from the Russian Defense Ministry, without obtaining it, spoke to a friend of Iovenko, who was on one of the cars that were part of the small caravan, which was trying to leave near the E40 motorway. capital. “In the car were Maxim, his wife and his son, and my mother,” explains the witness. His mother was injured but survived, as was Maxim’s son, but his wife was killed, he says. The Russians then let go of the injured woman and the baby. (HANDLE).


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