Ukraine “success” with consequences? Russia conquers Sievjerodonetsk – but US experts see a disadvantage for Putin

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Created: 6/28/2022, 6:18 p.m

Von: Stephanie Munk


Apparently, Putin’s troops are currently quite successful in eastern Ukraine – important cities have been taken. But in the end, the long fight could turn out to be a disadvantage.

Sieverodonetsk – Vladimir Putin has scored a major success in the Ukraine war: after weeks of fighting, Russian soldiers have taken the city of Sieberodonetsk. Both the Ukrainian and Russian sides confirmed this on Saturday (June 25).

As a result, Ukraine now only controls one major city in the Luhansk region: Lysychansk. And it seems only a matter of time before Russia takes over. Putin’s troops are already in the city’s suburbs, firing artillery and conducting airstrikes. However, it does not seem impossible that the development will be a kind of Pyrrhic victory for Russia.

Ukraine News: Fall of Sieverodonetsk ‘not a turning point in the war’, US think tank says

Ukraine announced its withdrawal from Sieverodonetsk on Friday (June 24): “After the withdrawal of units of our troops, the enemy has settled in Sieverodonetsk,” the Ukrainian General Staff said. Strange as it sounds, what seems like a heavy loss for Ukraine may actually turn out to be an advantage for the country of late. At least that’s what the renowned US think tank “Institute for the Study of War” (ISW) thinks in an analysis of the military situation in the Ukraine war. It states: “The loss of Sieverodonetsk and Lysychansk will not be a decisive turning point in the war.”

According to the American think tank, despite the losses, Ukraine has achieved an important goal against Russia: the Russian army has been slowed down and weakened due to the Ukrainians’ tenacious defense and weeks of fighting. “For weeks, Ukrainian troops have been successful in tying down large numbers of Russian personnel, weapons and equipment in the region and likely weakened the Russian troops’ overall combat capability, preventing them from advancing to other regions,” the statement said Analysis.

Ukraine-News: US experts expect Russian attacks to falter

The researchers also assume that the Russian offensives will come to a standstill overall in the coming weeks. This will give the Ukrainian army time to launch intelligent counterattacks. “The Kremlin’s ideological fixation on capturing Sieverodonetsk will most likely end up being a detriment to Russia’s ability to continue to make gains in Ukraine.”

The Institute for War Research concludes: “The loss of Sieryerodonetsk is a loss for Ukraine in the sense that any territorial loss to Russian troops is a loss – but it will not be decisive for a possible Russian victory.”

Russia is also suffering a major setback in another area: the country is heading towards default due to Western sanctions. (smu with material from dpa)