Ukraine: Timoshenko, Moscow wants to raze us – Europe

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 10 – What emerged from the meeting in Antalya between the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Kuleba, and the Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov, “is very clear. In practice, Ukraine has been denied the humanitarian corridor to bring civilians away from Mariupol. This is the result our Foreign Minister spoke of. Despite this pain, and knowing that already more than a thousand people have died in Mariupol, the Russians have refused to open humanitarian corridors “. She told Sky Tg24 Julija Tymoshenko, the former Ukrainian prime minister. “Lavrov said clearly for the Russian military everything is going according to plan.

You can imagine what plans we are talking about, to kill a democratic country in the center of Europe. They want to burn us to the ground. This is the result of these negotiations, “continued Tymoshenko.

“The Russians do not give up, they said their conditions remain the same – he continued -. They do not consider Ukraine a state, they are against our language, our culture, our existence, and that’s why they kill us. a genocide of the Ukrainian people. I don’t want the world to think that this is an attack only against Ukraine: we must understand that this is an attack on the whole free world, “he added.



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