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TORINO (VG) They were the biggest favorites beforehand – and they won. This year’s Eurovision winners are Ukraine. Norway was number ten.


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It soon became clear that Norway had no chance of a good position, after Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom had dominated the voting, until Ukraine created new tension with a huge amount of popular votes.

And it lasted until the very end; the challengers failed to match the number of votes for Ukraine – the Kalush Orchestra was superb!

They also set a referendum record; Ukraine received 439 points from the popular votes and 192 votes from the professional juries – 631 in total – which the presenters pointed out during the broadcast beats Portugal’s winning song from 2017 which received 376 points from the people.

– Thank you very much to everyone who voted and thank you very much for all the support. This victory is for all Ukrainians, said rapper and frontman Oleh Psiuk when the victory was a fact.

Subwoolfer made a wholehearted effort on the Eurovision stage, but the strongest impression was Ukraine anyway. Nevertheless, it was Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom that had received the most votes after the votes of the professional jury had been counted, and the people’s jury remained.

Subwoolfer received good support from the people, and moved up to sixth place for a while, but had no chance of winning the whole ball.

It was a tenth place in the end.


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SPAIN: Chanel performed the song «SloMo».

Norway got the first points from the Netherlands – three pieces. The Netherlands also gave twelve to Greece and Amanda Tenfjord, but it was Spain who started best with 41 points at the very beginning, but was eventually overtaken by Great Britain, who took a solid lead.

Norway also received three points from Germany. And gave twelve points to Greece. We also got points from Bulgaria, Austria, Cyprus, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Iceland, which gave us an eight.

Sweden, on the other hand, contented itself with three flimsy votes for Norway.

In other words, it was the professional juries’ votes that were counted first. They count half of the votes – the people’s juries came last.

Subwoolfer has been high up there before, but already after the votes from the professional juries, the distance up to Great Britain was very large.

Nevertheless, the votes of the popular juries could constitute major reshuffles in conclusion, but after the votes of the professional juries, Norway was down in 17th place with 36 votes, against the leading United Kingdom’s 283.

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The strongest impression was probably Ukraine who made on Saturday night.

“The context of” Stefania “is so painful and familiar that it is impossible to relate to it neutrally,” wrote VG’s reviewer Tor Martin Bøe and served the Ukrainian contribution a dice five.

From the stage came the Kalush Orchestra with a strong prayer:

– Please help Ukraine, Mariupol. The only thing I ask of you is to help Ukraine, Mariupol, said rapper and frontman Oleh Psiuk after the performance.

This appeal may be disqualifying for what should be an apolitical event, as TV2 reported earlier tonight.

But the EBU answers this to direct questions from VG about possible disqualification;

– We understand the deep feelings around Ukraine at the moment, and consider the comments from the Kalush Orchestra and other artists who express support for the Ukrainian people as humanitarian rather than political in nature.

Wild applause for Subwoolfer

The yellow wolves in Subwoolfer performed the song “Give That Wolf A Banana” to wild applause in Turin’s press room.

While VG gave the performance a training throw of three, Swedish Aftonbladet awards four out of five possible points.

– Norway has understood everything, the reviewer writes in Sweden’s largest newspaper.

After the performance, Subwoolfer climbed the gaming companies’ lists and passed Greece, writes NTB.

The song was written by Subwoolfer members “Jim” and “Keith” along with DJ Astronaut. Subwoolfs still keep their real identities secret.

JOY: Norwegian Subwoolfer came to life in the hall.

Several «Norwegian» contributions

Norway was also “with” for two other countries:

Norwegian-Greek Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord from Ålesund sang “Die Together” as a representative of Greece, as number 17 in the record-breaking final.

The Czech Republic opened the ball with the group We Are Domi, where two out of three members are Norwegian. They are Casper Hatlestad and Benjamin Rekstad. Vocalist in the electro-pop band is Dominika Hasek.

See Ukrainians for victory:

Give peace a chance

Give peace a chance, was the message from the opening number during this year’s Eurovision final in Turin, Italy.

The iconic John Lennon song was performed by the Italian project “Rockin’1000”, with over a thousand musicians playing and singing at the same time.

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Ukraine’s favorite

Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra was considered the clear favorite of gaming companies, right in front of Sweden.

The overall overview showed hours before the final that Ukraine has a 60 percent chance of winning.

Sweden’s chances of winning were 11 percent, Great Britain 10 percent.

Ukraine appeared as number twelve in the final.

As expected, the Eurovision final was somewhat marked by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia has not been allowed to participate.

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