Ukraine, Valerie and the red graduation gown in front of the rubble of her school – Mondo

The image is certainly impressive: a girl dressed in flaming red, with an evening dress, surrounded by rubble. The story behind the photo is difficult to verify independently, but it too, as it is told, is of great impact: we are in Ukraine, in Kharkivthe young woman who poses surrounded by destruction is Valerie, she’s 16 and was due to attend the school prom by the end of the year these days. Only rubble remains of the school, the princely dress remains of that magical night so dreamed of. The rest is war.

The image appears on a Facebook profile, it is in the name of Anna Episheva who is resident in Toronto in Canada on the same social network. With this photo Anna tells the story of what she says is her niece Valerie, the high school student who had been planning the dream night with her friends for some time, including evening dresses … “Then the Russians arrived – reads the post on Facebook in Ukrainian and English – Her school was hit and destroyed on February 27, 2022. Today (Valerie ed) she’s back to what’s left of her school and her graduation plans. Thank you my dear Valerie, for being strong and courageous. Very proud of you, I love you very much. “

The determination of the Kharkiv high school students rebounds from Facebook to Twitter who did not want to give up their end-of-year dances, although they have become a way to denounce the war, show its destruction and respond with hope: and then among what remains of the school building 10 graduates dance a waltz, in their very special ceremony that should have marked a joyful moment of passage, in front of the proud and moved parents in this circumstance for more than one reason, naturally filmed and posted on Twitter.


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