Ukraine War, Arms Aid to Ukraine | Red’s principle is Putin’s lucky pill

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The majority in Rødt’s opinion committee say no to sending arms aid to Ukraine. One can at best call it ignorant, but in reality Rødt is currently running around as Putin’s puppet.

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Logic that kills

You are attacked in your home by armed soldiers with a desire to kill you and your family.

What are you going to defend yourself with, you ask? The answer to Red is a helmet, a vest and a prayer for your own life.

Should you use weapons to defend yourself, you are no better than those who attack you.

The logic of the party is to be blown away.

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Red’s principle is Putin’s lucky pill

The principle of abstaining from the use of weapons and active participation in war can be easy to support.

But when politics is based on principle, the perception of reality disappears, and that costs lives.

The war in Ukraine can lead to two scenarios:

  • Complete occupation and oppression of Ukraine and its people.
  • Or independence for the country that keeps Putin’s war machine away from the rest of Europe.

Since the beginning of the war, red has paved the way for scenario one.

If all countries followed Red’s principles, Putin could smile broadly from the Kremlin to Kyiv.

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There is only one evil side in this conflict

There is an aggressor in this war, Russia.

There is not a weapon in the world that would make Ukraine anything other than the defending party in the conflict. We have seen Russia’s brutality, where the massacre in Butsha last year is a painful example of what they do to defenseless Ukrainians.

Without weapons aid, this would have been the reality in several places in Ukraine.

Most people understand that this is not Rødt’s intention, but it will be the reality.

Without direct support to Ukraine, with bullets and gunpowder, one gives indirect support to Russia. It’s just as bad, regardless of intent.

Red has really fallen into Putin’s trap and become his indirect puppet.

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