Ukraine wars: – Enormous wear and tear

The British Ministry of Defense writes in its daily intelligence update that Russia maintains a targeted military effort to surround the Sievjerodonetsk area via Izium in the north and Popasna in the south.

“In all probability, Russia is preparing to try to deploy a high number of reserve units in the Donbas,” the update said.

Died «unexpected»

- Enormous wear and tear

Admits loss figures in the east

Russian authorities have not released figures on Russian deaths in Ukraine since March 25.

However, the separatist-controlled Donetsk People’s Republic publishes figures for its own forces. As of June 16, they acknowledge that 2,828 military personnel have been killed in service, and 8,897 injured, since the beginning of the year.

The loss figures make up 55 percent of their original strengths, according to British intelligence.

– This underlines the enormous wear and tear Russian and pro-Russian forces are suffering in the Donbas, it is further stated.

The separatist forces in Donetsk are probably also equipped with outdated weapons, and the possibilities of sending reserve forces to the front will probably become more and more decisive for the outcome of the war, the ministry concludes.

Was sent on the run - alone

Was sent on the run – alone

– Violated the airspace

A spokesman for the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Kusti Salm, told the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti on Tuesday that the security situation in the Baltic Sea has deteriorated in recent days.

– Exercises are underway where Russian forces are training on missile attacks on Estonian territory, he says.

In addition, he says that Russia has violated the airspace over the Baltics, the area consisting of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

– Russian helicopters have violated the airspace, and they have not done so by accident. It has happened several times in recent days, Salm claims.

Iltalehti writes that they are informed by NATO sources that the helicopters have trained on attack, but this has not been confirmed.

The Estonian Ministry of Defense considers the situation serious.

– Russia believes we do not deserve independence, and these actions emphasize this, Salm emphasizes.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has not commented on the reports, according to what Dagbladet can see.

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