Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The biggest music festival in Europe erupted again tonight with the grand finale from Turin, Italy. None other than Ukraine eventually emerged as the big winner of 2022, but despite the many predictions, it remained incredibly exciting until the end. This was the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2022: the final

One of the three hosts of the evening, singer Laura Pausini, opened the show with a splashing fun package of all her songs and looks. In an orange creation that soon changed to a white cloak, blue dress and then long yellow coat, she kicked off the show in versatile style. In no fewer than nine (!) outfits in total, she talked with the Take it easy-singer Mika and TV host Alessandro Cattelan put the show together. Our Eurovision presenter from last year, Chantal Janzen, says on Twitter that she is grateful that they omitted the rehearsed jokes last year: ‘Thank you Gerben Bakker, lyricist, for not writing jokes in our lyrics last year. .’

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The big five

The countries Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom and host country Italy always reserve a spot in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest as standard. This year, expectations were especially high for British Sam Ryder — he caught the attention of Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys online, among others — but the surprise of the evening was perhaps Spain, which this year played Chanel for a steamy went on to perform with a song originally intended for none other than Jennifer Lopez (and you could tell!). France had set the bar very high with Barbara Pravi’s Voilà last year. Alvan & Ahez were therefore unable to surpass last year’s score in Breton and ended up at the bottom of the list together with Germany.

S10 just outside the top 10

The Dutch entry S10 came in 11th, after surprising Spain and ahead of audience favorite Ukraine. Not the most advantageous position to start, but Stien den Hollander was not put off and touched everyone in the room with her Dutch song ‘De Diepte’. Spotify predicted her third place in the final, so her 11th place finish was somewhat disappointing. For Stien, however, it didn’t spoil the fun. Afterwards she reacted briefly to her eleventh place: ‘I had such a good time, it was my best performance so far, in my life actually. I became 11th, I actually wanted one more, but I’m very happy!’ So this time no S10, but a justifiably satisfied S11.

And the winner is…

Was it out of sympathy, or was it number Stefania by the Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra also simply a strong piece of music? Ukraine could count on no less than 439 points from the viewer at home and with that won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with conviction. A unanimous statement from Europe, through the music.

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