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Ukraine, Zelensky from TV to the presidency

► 2013: guest star of a Ukrainian TV talk show

He is a successful young actor, from the industrial city of Kryvy Rih, who tours with his troupe throughout the Ukraine. He has made himself known for several years with sketches on a popular program, KVN (short for "League of Fun and Inventive People"). This show dating from the Soviet era is confronting students from different universities in parodies performed by teams. After acquiring a certain notoriety, Volodymyr Zelensky created his troupe, "Kvartal 95 studio", and became a popular comedian.

Here invited in a morning show, on the channel 1 + 1, he is far from embodying the figure of a future president. He is questioned about his family (we see his wife and daughter in a picture, in the background), his life as an artist, a benevolent tone and a classic exercise of promotion.

(from 2'15 to 2'55)

► 2016: he is the main character of the series "Servant of the people" (Slouga Naroda)

He plays a history teacher, Vasyl Holoborodko, who happens to be the president of the country. He remains, however, this simple, accessible, sympathetic type, guided by his common sense, and which solves so many problems, managing to thwart the calculations of his opponents and fight corruption. The opposite of politicians in power who have a bad image.

Here is the credits of this series where he appears for the first time in the costume of a president. Volodymyr Zelensky goes by bike to work at the presidency headquarters in Kiev. The lyrics of the song begin as follows: "I love my country, my wife, and my dog ​​…". Already the draft of a political program …

(from 2'06 to 3'22)

► October 2018: His name, tested in the polls, gets a very high score

On stage, at the peak of his popularity as an actor and entertainer, he sketches the possibility of his candidacy. "For a few months now, I have been living a nightmare. Everyone asks me: are you going there or not? Even my mother, my little mother, asked me, are you going there or not? But mom, to be president, there are more and less. I have a law degree, it's a plus. I have no experience in politics. That too is a plus … " Already the announcement of a next application? For now, it's still a good joke.

(from beginning to 1'17)

Ukraine, the hardest starts for Zelensky, the comedian become president

► December 31, 2018: he announces on television his candidacy for the presidential election

In a minute and a half, in the middle of his TV show on New Year's Eve, he declares himself a candidate, at the very moment when Petro Poroshenko, on another channel, pronounces his wishes to the Ukrainians, suddenly rendered inaudible by this short-circuiting. This time, for Zelensky, it's for good. He speaks Ukrainian rather than Russian. He justifies that decision by finding that "Things are not going well" and ends by wishing spectators " happy New Year ". Hard to do faster.

(full version)

► April 3, 2019: in the middle between two rounds, he defies his opponent through a clip

In the first round, on April 7, Zelensky came in the lead. He has made little campaign. On the other hand, he used the Internet a lot, broadcasting multiple video messages. In this, he defies his rival of the second round, the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko candidate for re-election, enjoining him to come to debate with him in the stadium of Dynamo of Kiev, in public. He also asks her to submit to a blood test to show that he is neither an alcoholic nor a drug user. In the days that follow, Petro Poroshenko agrees and the debate takes place, the evening of April 19, at the requested location. It was the eve of the second round that Volodymyr Zelensky then won hand-in-hand.

(full version)



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