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Home Entertainment Ukrainian fraudsters profit from nostalgia for the USSR. Reedus

Ukrainian fraudsters profit from nostalgia for the USSR. Reedus

The creators of the sports drama “Movement Up” not only collected a record-breaking amount for domestic cinema, but also involuntarily launched a wave of mass fraud.

Advertising on online stores is actively promoted in social networks, offering to buy the legendary tracksuits of the basketball team of the Soviet Union. And sellers do the rate as on nostalgic experiences on times of the USSR, and on success of a picture of Anton Megerdichev.

Tracksuits with the company logo "USSR" from the movie "Moving Up", which broke all the records of film distribution! “USSR” uniform – personification of the victory of the spirit, the victory of the country, the victory of the whole world – such texts users lured to online stores.


The price tag on the costumes is extremely democratic, less than three thousand rubles. Not surprisingly, dozens — or even hundreds of social networkers — responded to advertisements. However, all of them were disappointed.

One of the clients of these online merchants was blogger Ivan Rakhmetov: “I went to the Facebook advertisement“ Costumes of the USSR ”and decided to make a gift for myself on the New Year. Made an order. And such a tragic coincidence – the courier unexpectedly called, we were at a dacha, asked a neighbor to take the goods … We arrived, we printed out, and there, instead of a sports suit, there was some kind of gonerous uniforms without any sign on Ali-express. Rag shorter. They started to call – all the phones are expectedly silent, and the site even change, ”writes a publicist.

Similar reviews abound on the pages of similar stores in social networks:

One of the inhabitants of social networks photographed what she got instead of the USSR national team costume:

Outraged users found three similar fraudulent sites, designed for different LLCs, which offered to buy costumes from the “Move Up” painting:

  •, LLC Sport-Trade, Moscow, st. Dolskaya, d. 3, office 204.

  •, Imax LLC, Moscow, Yantarny pr-d, d. 5.

  •, IT Logistics LLC, Tyumen, ul. Sverdlov, 5, office 305/2.

The leader of the first of these dubious trinity is Kutyavin Vladimir Anatolyevich: it is noteworthy that the entrepreneur is the head of another 46 firms. According to Rakhmetov, this gives reason to believe that fraudsters hide behind the requisites of the so-called “one-day firms” or simply fictional LLCs. In addition, the majority of the complaints of the deceived customers mention the same name of the sender – Oksana Grechkina: her role in this disgusting chain is still to be clarified.

© Shot from the movie "Move up"

Rakhmetov sent a statement to the prosecutor's office, in which he described the situation and asked to take measures to curb the crime and search for the persons who committed them.

However, from the Perovskiy inter-district prosecutor's office of Moscow, they sent a formal reply about the fact that they should go to court – and try to plead with these LLCs in civil law.

At the same time, these LLCs often simply do not exist.

“Most likely, there are scammers from Ukraine,” the blogger suggested in an interview with Reedus. “It was clear from their intonations during a telephone conversation – and they themselves did not deny it.”

Fraudsters work through IP-telephony. Apparently, they use the same scheme, which is phone mining. With this, nothing can be done, the virtual number can not be traced.

© Shot from the movie "Move up"

Victims of fraudsters are preparing a collective appeal to the relevant authorities – however, it is possible that these statements will remain without the attention of law enforcement officers. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation intends to support the victims of the scammers: an activist Anastasia Udaltsova, in an interview with Ridus, confirmed the party’s readiness to make a deputy request to the prosecutor’s office on fraudulent activities on the Web.

Meanwhile, scam artists continue to profit from nostalgia for the USSR: identical sites with the sale of sports suits are working properly, and social networks continue to actively advertise them.


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