Ukrainian hackers reproduce fake pages from Apple site and get arrested

It is common to receive emails inviting you to click on a link to regularize an unpaid debt or even unblock an account that has supposedly encountered a security problem. Once clicked, you arrive on a site that (very often) imitates the official site perfectly, everything is done to give you confidence and encourage you to continue to the end. This technique, which unfortunately works too frequently, has just harmed five Russian hackers who were a little too greedy …

Ukrainian security services just arrested suspected hacking team

Experts in the development of fake pages imitating well-known websites like Apple’s have just been arrested at Kiev and Kharkiv and Ukraine.
Called the group “Phoenix“, this small team of several hackers was involved in several phishing attacks which reproduced perfectly the support pages of the Apple website.

During the arrest, the Ukrainian security service realized after analyzing the profiles that the five men were all graduates from a higher technical education establishment, they had studied for a long time and had known each other for several years. The investigators quickly realized that they were dealing with people with experience and a large awareness in this domain.
Not surprisingly, all computer equipment, smartphones and software used were seized for the investigation.


According to the BleepingComputer report, the five hackers managed to conduct their business out of sight for almost two years, they met in a dedicated place to work together, like a normal job.
The damage would be quite significant since they would have managed to access the accounts of several hundred people, once there, they hijacked electronic payments, bank accounts and when it was not possible … They were stealing personal information for resell to groups that bought this type of data en masse.

The Phoenix group also had another business in parallel, they found solutions for unlock Apple devices that were stolen or lost. Once the manipulation was successful, he resold the device to people found on the internet who sometimes did not have no knowledge that there was a complaint about the device’s IMEI number.

The five hackers are now in the hands of justice and risk serious consequences, they are covered by article 361 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code, this article mentions illegal interference in computers, systems and computer networks.

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