Ukrainian intelligence services have revealed what is inside Iran’s “Shahed” drones

News portal “Radio Svaboda” shared a video showing the dismantling of a downed Iranian drone. The border guard speaking in the recording said that it is entirely possible to shoot down a drone with small arms. He also claimed to have shot down the dismantled drone flying at a height of 150 meters.

A representative of the Ukrainian intelligence service said that “Shahed” usually has a 40-50 kg warhead inside. The most valuable part of the drone is the antenna, which should be immune to electronic warfare weapons.

Although Iran has repeatedly denied supplying the drones to Russia, many of the panels inside the aircraft have inscriptions in Persian, drone “hunters” say.

Most of the components that make up Iran’s “Shahed” drones are available on AliExpress’ online store and are manufactured from the US to Japan, they said.

The experts of the Ukrainian intelligence service are worried that, despite the sanctions, the parts intended for these planes have arrived in Iran. The agency, in turn, transfers parts of Iranian-made drones to Western partners so that they can punish or restrict manufacturers that import their products into Iran.