Ukrainian president refrains from interfering in internal affairs, Georgia prime minister | Reuters

On March 13, Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili (pictured) urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to refrain from interfering in internal affairs. FILE PHOTO: Berlin, September 2023. REUTERS/Christian Mang

(Reuters) – Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili on Wednesday urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky not to interfere in his country’s internal affairs.

Zelensky thanked protesters for raising the Ukrainian flag during violent demonstrations last week against a bill on “foreign agents” in Georgia. He said he hoped for “democratic success” in Georgia. The bill was rejected on the 10th after protests.

Opponents say the bill is similar to a 2012 Russian law used to suppress speech. Concerns grew as the country’s future goal of joining the European Union (EU) became distant.

In an interview with Georgia’s IMEDI, Prime Minister Garibashvili said, “If a person in a war-torn country reacts to the destructive behavior of thousands in our country, it will interfere in making things happen in our country for change.” “This is direct evidence of agitation,” he said, adding that he “wants a timely end to the war and peace.”

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