Ukrainian student developing mine-seeking drone wins $100,000 | NOW

Seventeen-year-old Ukrainian student Igor Klymenko has won an award for developing a drone that detects landmines. He will receive 100,000 dollars (about 100,000 euros), reports This is an organization that assists students worldwide to make their innovations a success.

The schoolboy from Kyiv moved to the Ukrainian countryside at the start of the war to finish high school. Klymenko refined his invention, which he had been working on for eight years. In the meantime, he gave peers digital tutoring in mathematics and physics.

The device can detect mines from the air to within 2 centimeters. He is now working on an improved drone that can mark a location with paint, for example. He is also trying to determine the type of landmine with the help of artificial intelligence, so that the explosive can be safely defused.

Since graduating, Klymenko has been helping Ukrainian students to get scholarships to good universities abroad. He recently started studying computer science at the University of Alberta in Canada and is also studying online part-time in Kyiv.

Klymenko previously participated in competitions with his so-called Quadcopter Mines Detector. He has also won prizes with the drone, which is patented in his homeland. He had previously developed prototypes with financial help from a Finnish civil society organisation.

More than seven thousand high school students aged 16 and older from 150 countries were eligible for the so-called Global Student Prize 2022.