Ukrainian troops continue to push the Russians near Kiev

The Ukrainian army continues to push Russian troops in fighting near Kiev, the British secret service said on Saturday, according to the DPA.

According to a statement by the British Ministry of Defense, Russian troops have allegedly withdrawn from the airport in the city of Hostomel – an airport that has been the subject of intense fighting since the first day of the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine has “regained several villages”, according to the latest brief report from the British Ministry of Defense.

In the east of Ukraine, after heavy fighting, Ukrainian troops secured the release of the main artery in southern Kharkov.“says the British Ministry.

Russian rockets hit Poltava and Kremenchuk in central Ukraine on Saturday, damaging their infrastructure and destroying residential buildings.

Poltava is the capital of the Poltava region, located east of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and Kremenchuk is one of the most important cities in the region.

There was no immediate information about possible casualties or injuries during the Russian missile attacks in the two Central Ukrainian cities.