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Home News UK's age-verification rules can be circumvented in minutes | Society

UK's age-verification rules can be circumvented in minutes | Society

The first test of the UK's new age-verification system can be circumvented in less than two minutes using a simple Google search, the Guardian has found, amid concerns.

Providers of legal pornography will be required to implement an age-verification system by 15 July, one of the first of its kind in the world, raising concerns from privacy campaigners.

Channel 4, who created an "ethical" pornographic movie called I Want Four Play made by a group of mothers as part of the channel's Mums Make Porn Documentary. in a matter of seconds by entering a string of sixteen digits as a non-existent credit card number, raising questions on whether or not it can actually stop children from accessing inappropriate material.

Channel 4 linked to a standalone website which voluntarily chooses to implement one of the competing age-verification systems. It was provided by, who describe themselves as the "global age-verification specialists", who had hailed the success of the Channel 4 experiment telephone number, or a credit card.

When told about the loophole, by the Guardian, AgeChecked's chief executive, Alastair Graham, said it was a first "dry run" and said he'd raise the issue with the regulator: "That's quite interesting young. I think we're going to swap that method out. "

Inumvertently stumbling across material: "We should not be judging on how robust it should be. If the regulator said they wanted your DNA measurement and your DNA we could. "

"All of us want more clarity on what is and what is not the correct level of robustness. We've been given steers but nothing solid. There is, to be frank, a certain level of frustration with the extent matters are getting to the date without clarity. "

Although the legislation has been put into practice for a few years, the implementation has been delayed Involved.

Age-verification web sites were released in 2013 by David Cameron in 2013.

The British Board of Film Classification wants to make sure that they are complied with, and Graham said they would not be able to do so.

When BBFC was not ready for its new role in overseeing age-verification systems, Graham said: "That would make a conclusion that you could make. I would like to maintain our positive engagement with them.

It's been done on a site that's pornographic. Then there's the responsibility to put in place for the adults coming through. The first one is BBFC territory. The second part is very technical. "

The Guardian was able to verify that the standard sixteen-digit format.

The credit card numbers did not belong to real individuals and were not linked to any real accounts. Instead, they are also available for use with computer-aided test products, which are easily available with a simple online search.

20-25m Britons who want to verify their identity to access online pornography. Some of them offer verification through physical "porn passports" at newsagents, while others have made a good read.



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