“Ultra-Large” storm hits Hong Kong with 800-kilometer compasses coming violently or hitting the 8th wave | Headline Daily

After the tropical storm “Lion Mountain” struck Hong Kong, the more powerful “compass” came on fiercely, and its circulation was very broad. The Japan Meteorological Agency described it as a “super large” storm. According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the “Compass” entered the 800-kilometer warning zone of Hong Kong last night. The strong wind signal No. 3 was issued at 0:40 this morning. When the kilometer passes, the No. 8 typhoon signal may be issued.

The “compass” is approaching Hong Kong. The observatory issued a strong monsoon signal at 4 noon yesterday, indicating that Hong Kong is affected by winds equivalent to the No. 3 typhoon signal. As the “compass” gradually entered the 800 km range of Hong Kong, the observatory issued the strong wind signal No. 3 at 0:40 this morning. This is the second time in a week after the “Lion Rock” and the seventh time on record. .

Li Zixiang, senior scientific director of the Observatory, pointed out that under the combined influence of the “compass” and the northeast monsoon, winds along the south China coast will gradually increase in the next one or two days. As “Compasses” crosses the northern part of the South China Sea and approaches Hong Kong, the weather in Hong Kong deteriorates today and the wind has strengthened. It is expected that “Compasses” will be near Hong Kong early tomorrow and will escalate into a typhoon, passing about 400 kilometers south of Hong Kong. Hong Kong The wind may reach gale intensity in some areas, and there may be squally storms in wide areas. Typhoon signal No. 8 may be hoisted at that time. The Observatory urges the public to pay close attention to the latest weather information. Those planning outdoor activities and grave-sweepers also need to draw up back-up and contingency plans according to the situation.

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According to the rating of the Japan Meteorological Agency, the center of the “Compass” has a wind force of 90 kilometers per hour, which is a “super large” storm. Even the Philippines in the south of the “compass” was drawn into the strong wind circle.

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory of the Mainland, the “Compasses” circulation cloud system is huge, with a diameter of nearly 2,000 kilometers. It entered the northeastern part of the South China Sea early this morning and approached the eastern coast of Hainan Island. It will make landfall on the eastern coast of Hainan Island tomorrow, and the intensity of the landfall will be strong tropical storm level.

Supermarket shelves were emptied before the wind blows

Citizens who have experienced the baptism of “Lion Rock” are psychologically overshadowed. Before the arrival of the “compass”, more people went to markets and supermarkets to search for food. There were supermarkets in various districts where vegetables and cup noodles were mutated best-selling products, and many shelves were swept away. null.

In addition, in response to public criticism that the Observatory issued a black rainstorm warning for too late on Friday, the director of the observatory, Cheng Chuming, explained that the hourly rainfall data that day in the morning only met the yellow rainstorm signal standard. A black rainstorm warning will be issued before noon. He pointed out that he felt sad for the accidental death of female workers with scaffolding in inclement weather. He emphasized that the observatory must always work according to rigorous and objective scientific data. He pointed out that heavy rains usually come very quickly, and today’s technology is unpredictable and cannot be forecasted a few hours ago. He emphasized It is “can’t do it, not the observatory’s unwillingness to do it.” In response to criticisms that the Observatory’s dissemination of information on the “Lion Rock” is confusing, Zheng admitted that there are deficiencies in the transmission of the information and that it is not ideal. He will publish a review on the forecast and the information, hoping to provide the public with clearer information.

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Cheng Chuming also emphasized that although the Observatory is subordinate to the Bureau of Commerce and Economics, he has served at the Observatory for 11 years and has not received any instructions from the Bureau of Commerce and Economics before issuing any weather warnings. The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Affairs, Yau Tenghua, also pointed out that every warning issued by the Observatory is a life-threatening matter. It is necessary to act in a responsible and professional manner. The Bureau supports the Observatory to make the best weather forecast based on professionalism and science, and encourages departments To give a full explanation, I believe the Observatory will effectively and closely liaise with the public.


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