Umami Tsunami puts Asian pop on the MGP map – NRK Culture and entertainment

Umami Tsunami, a hybrid of western boy bands and K-pop, is making their debut in the first semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix. Representing the collective are Kyle Alessandro (16), Kristian Haugstøyl (20) and Magnus Winjum (17) with their song “Geronimo”. The song was written by a number of producers, songwriters, artists and designers, and was originally pitched to a large game company in China two years ago.

The trio have had their first run-through with the dancers at Screen Studios in Nydalen, and are excited to share their music with the Norwegian people. Kyle, Kristian and Magnus have different experience and backgrounds, with Magnus having participated in MGPjr and Kristian having tried his hand at “Idol”.

K-pop is the inspiration for all the songs Umami Tsunami makes, and the collective hopes that the MGP audience will be ready for something different. For Kyle, Magnus and Kristian, MGP is the start of a music career, and they dream of a place where they can make a living by writing their own music, having concerts, talking to people and having fun. Watch Umami Tsunami fight for a final place in MGP’s first semi-final on Saturday at 19:50 on NRK1 and NRK TV.