Umm Kulthum, a tale of “Western instrument,” broke into the heart and band of “Al Sitt” .. Video

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Simply “accordion” grabs and unleashes his fingers that know her way well, in moments he travels through time, you feel like you are sitting in the theater ranks in front of Umm Kulthum, listening to a special party from her band, the same original melodies that we listened to and adore her on the radio and the cassette goes out directly in front of you, It is Farouk Salama, one of the rest of the six-member Umm Kulthum troupe.

Farouk Salameh, the musician and composer, says that his journey started with the group of six Umm Kulthum, when he was playing in a place at the age of 23 years, and the great composer Baligh Hamdi listened to him, then he told him to join the band, and he said to him: After I presented Muhammad Abdel Wahab in “You are my age” We fell at a loss as to what we would offer to Umm Kulthum, and now I made up my mind. After Abdel Wahhab presented the guitar to the musician Abdel Rahman Khairi, you are my age, you will be with us with the accordion in “Biography of Love”.

The matter was not easy for “Farouk Salama”, because the entire band was refusing entry to the accordion, because the band was originally oriental and its machine was Western, and it waited 6 whole months until the beginning of the rehearsals, to allow Umm Kulthum to stand before it and present its offer.

“Farouk, this eloquent, said to me, our brain, Beck.” The composer recalls happily and continues. “I stood before it, and instead of what I say, the songs were divided .. Rast, my house, Sika and Saba … Umm Kulthum and the idea pardoned to each other and said: No .. salvation, we agree with it, Mr. Baligh.”

From here Farouk Salama went to present with the six, the biography of love, and far from you, and the hope of my life, and think about me, and this is my night, and the days have passed, and the deadline has passed, and one thousand and one nights, and I will meet you, and make me happy, and for the sake of your eyes .. 12 songs that he remembers well and proud of them.

Then he composed a lot of great artists and went on a special adventure when the artist Ahmed Adawiya was discovered. Until now, Farouk Salama lives a simple life full of details, melodies and singing, far from the lights, even though he deserves a lot of them, and deserves at least a tribute for what he presented.



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