“Un flirt & une danse” returns to France 2 on Thursday July 21 with Faustine Bollaert

Thursday, July 21 at 9:10 p.m., Faustine Bollaert will present on France 2 a new entertainment number “Un flirt & une danse”.

What if we witnessed together the magic of dating between singles on a dance floor?

That’s the whole point of this wildly romantic evening. France 2 decided to bring together men and women looking for love. They have never seen each other, they will not exchange a word, they will simply share a dance, which they will have rehearsed with professional dancers, each on their side.

During this privileged meeting mixing complicity and sensuality, they will have the hope of feeling an alchemy that could make them want to see each other again.

It’s the crazy bet that single people, aged 23 to 80, have agreed to live under the benevolent gaze of Faustine Bollaert.

In front of them, three privileged personalities will be the witnesses of these magical moments: Sheila, Elodie Frege et Agustin Galiana.

Here are these singles who are sure to feel their hearts racing during this extraordinary evening:

Emilie / Renaud / Andrea

Emilie is 33 years old and she still believes in Prince Charming. Will she find happiness with Renaud, a great romantic, or with of Andrea, a beautiful dark brown? She will have to make her choice after having danced with each of them.

Anne-Laure & Regis

They both share a taste for celebration and cultivate a real joie de vivre on a daily basis. They will be able to discover each other while dancing to “Happy” by Pharell Williams. Will the magic be there?

Benjamin & Melissa

Benjamin & Mélissa already know each other! They are two kindred spirits, best friends and confidants. But for Melissa this is no longer sufficient. She therefore chose to reveal to Benjamin her true feelings on the trail of A flirt & a dance. Comment Benjamin will he react?

Thomas/ Christelle/ Phany

Thomas would like to start a new life. Divorced and father of an 18-year-old boy, he will have to choose between two young women with very different personalities: Christine, independent in her professional life but reserved in her dealings with men, and Phany, a more extroverted girl with a formidable charm that can sometimes destabilize.

Florian & Julie

Julie doesn’t trust her. She needs to feel immediately at ease with men, from the first sight. She will dance with Florian, a gentle and considerate boy who will, without a doubt, reassure her during this dance. But will confidence rhyme with romance?

At the end of their dance, the singles will have to make a choice and decide if this meeting made them want to see each other again…

Will the 12 singles manage to seduce each other during their dance? Will we witness crushes, even love at first sight?

Thrills… Magic… Tears… Love… And of course dancing!

Welcome to the romantic and enchanted world ofA flirt & a dance !


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