Unannounced game from Elden Ring studio is in final stages of development – Gaming – News

Japanese game maker FromSoftware has been working on a game since 2016 that is now “in the final stages of development.” This game from the studio that released Elden Ring has not yet been announced.

FromSoft CEO Hidetaka Myazaki tells about this in a new interview with a Japanese publication. It has been translated by the editors of VGC, who are making a small reconstruction of this and a previous interview. A few years ago, Miyazaki already mentioned in an interview that there were ‘3.5’ games in development at that time, all since 2016. Half of them was PSVR game Déraciné, one whole was Elden Ring, another whole Sekiro and the last one. has not yet been revealed. Now, in this new interview, Miyazaki gives a little update on that last one still unknown: still in development and at a very advanced stage.

The game maker does not want to give more information about it yet; he thinks the time is not yet ripe. He did state in the previous interview that the game ‘will be typical for us’. VGC speculates that it could become a new Armored Core title. A user of the ResetEra forum is said to have had a questionnaire about a new Armored Core game as part of a ‘consumer survey’. He was shown a description, screenshots and videos. He made screenshots of the lyrics. The rest of the materials had watermarks, which made him reluctant.

The last mainline Armored Core title came out in 2012. FromSoftware was the developer of the games from the first title in 1997. These are third person mecha action games and not ‘Soulslikes’.