Unbeatable Thibaut Courtois gives Real Madrid the Champions League with a dream performance | UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

A Champions League final that will go down in history as a Thibaut Courtois masterpiece. The Red Devil has filled the last hole in his palmares himself with a phenomenal performance against Liverpool. Courtois kept Real straight with a handful of world saves. Vinicius scored the only goal on the hour, but a Belgian was the king of the championship ball.

Liverpool – Real Madrid in a nutshell

  • Key moment: Thanks to Courtois’ miracles, Real Madrid only has to prick once. Just before half time, a goal by Benzema is still rejected for offside, but Vinicius’ 0-1 does withstand the control of the VAR.
  • Man of the Match: You could suspect us of chauvinism in just about any other match, but not tonight. Thibaut Courtois drove Liverpool in general and Mo Salah in particular to despair with a series of incredible saves.
  • Striking statistic: Courtois will be especially happy that he finally won the Champions League, but he also set two records. Nine saves in this final and a total of 59 in Real Madrid’s amazing campaign.
  • Also striking: Thibaut Courtois is the first Belgian to win a Champions League final as a basic player. Eric Gerets did it for him as PSV captain when the tournament was still called the European Cup I.

Dominant Liverpool escape Benzema’s goal

Because the organization in Paris had trouble getting Liverpool fans into the Stade de France in time, the final started more than half an hour later. When the kick-off was finally given, it took a while before there was really something to see. On the fifteen minutes Courtois tapped a shot from Salah from the corner.

Liverpool built on that opportunity and a little later Courtois again stood in the way of Salah’s attempt. Real Madrid suddenly saw stars and thanked his goalkeeper for a first world save. Courtois hit a vicious shot from Mané just against the post. He had less trouble with a header from Salah.

Real’s scrambled to their feet and brushed the dust off their shirts. Alisson blocked Benzema’s way, but the ball again landed in front of the Frenchman’s foot, who put him in the net. Offside, it seemed. The VAR watched the images for minutes and confirmed: it remained 0-0. Valverde, Fabinho and Konaté all had a piece of leather with them.

“Vini” vidi vici, Courtois is superhero for Real Madrid

The second half did not change the game. Liverpool set the course, Real defended itself with all possible means and threw life and limb into the fray.

The goal of the Royal came unexpectedly. A sharp cross – or was it a failed shot? – van Valverde was run into goal at the far post by Vinicius, who was uncovered. Edge offside, but this time the goal did count.

Liverpool had to give everything in the last half hour. Courtois, however, was ready for whatever the Reds sent his way. First he spoiled the photographers with a gliding dive on a solid place ball from Salah. When Liverpool started playing with four attackers after the input of Jota and Firmino, it became even busier in front of him.

Keita, who also came in, chased a beckoning chance from just outside the box into the stands without a chance. Meanwhile, time was running out for Liverpool. Salah plucked a nice deep ball from the air, slid past Mendy and thought to ram the equalizer into the net. Courtois’ cast iron right arm, however, prevented the certain 1-1. The crown on the work of San Thibaut, who gave Real Madrid its fourteenth Cup with the Big Ears.

  1. second half, minute 96 match over
  2. second half, minute 96. Real Madrid win the Champions League! Real can pray a whole rosary for Courtois for his fourteenth Cup with the Big Ears. San Thibaut performed several miracles against a better Liverpool, Vinicius scored the only goal on the other side. †
  3. second half, minute 94. Time is slowly ticking away against Liverpool. At Real they are pacing nervously for the reserve bench. †
  4. second half, minute 93. Substitution at Real Madrid, Rodrygo in, Vinícius Júnior out
  5. second half, minute 91. Ceballos is cold on the field and cannot complete a counterattack. Liverpool are still alive, but they really need to start scoring now. †
  6. second half, minute 90. Substitution at Real Madrid, Dani Ceballos in, Luka Modric out
  7. Lie down for a while. Courtois takes a corner and falls against the bony Konaté. He lays down and steals precious seconds. † second half, minute 89.
  8. second half, minute 87. The tired Valverde has made way for Camavinga at Real. The young Frenchman has already proven that he is worth gold in money time. †
  9. second half, minute 86. Substitution at Real Madrid, Eduardo Camavinga in, Federico Valverde out
  10. second half, minute 84. We sympathize with Mo Salah as the way he plucked the far ball from the sky and shook off his guard was phenomenal. †
  11. Miracle Man Courtois! There is no doubt about it, Courtois is the man of the match. With a strong outstretched arm, he prevents Salah from scoring. Fantastic! † second half, minute 83.
  12. second half, minute 82. Misfire. Substitute Keita is all alone in the crescent and just gets the ball in front of his foot. He knocks him into the stands without a chance. †
  13. second half, minute 81. Courtois hesitates for a moment when Jota deflects a shot. The Red Devil has to concede a corner. †
  14. second half, minute 79. All on the attack. Klopp pulls Thiago aside and brings Firmino. He is next to Salah, Mane and Jota the fourth attacker on the field at Liverpool. A big gamble. †
  15. second half, minute 77. Substitution at Liverpool, Roberto Firmino in, Thiago out
  16. second half, minute 77. Substitution at Liverpool, Naby Keita in, Jordan Henderson out
  17. second half, minute 76. A cunningly taken free kick lands on Casemiro’s shoe. He forgets to finish and lays poorly. This might as well have been 0-2. †
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