Unbeknownst to the family, the first trip was ruined; But we will pay back

Elena is getting ready to go into that dream life after a long wait. The love hero is Rohit from Kozhikode. The wedding is in August. Elena’s audacity to say anything boldly makes her an audience favorite. One of Elena’s hobbies is travel. Rohit is one step ahead of Elena in terms of travel. Elena Manorama opens her mind online about her favorite journeys.


We love driving

Most people choose to travel by bus, flight or train. The majority sleep in the vehicle until they reach their destination. Such trips bore me. If you are traveling by self, you can get to know each place, find your way and see the sights. Like me, Rohit loves to drive himself. There are many places on the list to go on a trip after marriage. Rohit is on an international trip. There are also trips to nearby places.


Like me and Rohit

For the most part we both have no opposing views. When it comes to travel, I love beach trips. I have a plan to beat it. Rohit likes the hill station a little more. The trips were bone-in for both of them so I was okay with planning anywhere.


Rohit shares a lot of travel stories. I’m so excited to hear that. I was told to take me there with me after the wedding. Rohit is double OK. I do not want to travel abroad. Will go if given the chance. There are so many beautiful places in our country. You have to go around there. Rohit and I love bike trips. My dream is to go to Leh Ladakh by bike after marriage.


Post-marriage trend

Honeymoon trip is the trend after marriage. Rohit and I have no great interest in a honeymoon trip. Honeymoon trip is a trend after marriage and of course friends say that trip should not be missed. But we agreed to go. Planned for Maldives or Bali. We both found a few places we liked. All those trips should be enjoyed with Rohit.

∙ Rohit and I had our first trip together

Rohit and I first traveled during college, in 2014. Our friends were there too. At that time my mother and father and I were living in Bangalore. The Iowa trip coincided when Mom and Dad went home. I was sure he would not leave if he knew at home. We went to Pondicherry saying we had to go to Hyderabad as part of a seminar. Hardly my phone was off.

He called his mother when the phone was charged. First my mother asked me where I was telling the truth. My mother said that you are in Tamil Nadu. Then I had to tell the truth. He said that he should return home soon. The trip broke down and then one went straight home without looking. When the phone turned off, my mother heard it in Tamil. The first trip was like that. It was on my mind that after marriage I should go to Pondicherry with Rohit and send a selfie to my mother and then pay back.

Bangalore Life is fake

My mother is always tense with me. I sometimes drive alone and travel long distances. I like driving. The bike I was riding once had an accident. Life was barely regained that day. In fact I was sent to Bangalore for repairs and further study. I can say that there is no other place I have enjoyed so much.

If you ask me what my favorite place is, I have only one answer … that is Bangalore. I have been to most places there. Most of the places there are very familiar to me. I love your food and fashion.

Now I am from Kozhikode

I like Kozhikode a lot. Couldn’t travel much. I’m not going to be a Kozhikode girl anymore. Kozhikode Super in terms of food. Kozhikode has unique resources and good people. In Kozhikode and Kannur, you can see many people who love delicious food. Rohit always describes Kozhikode. Rohit says that he can take you around Kozhikode.

I’m looking forward to that

We have a long list of trips after marriage in our minds. Gokarna, Goa, Maldives, Leh Ladakh, and other short trips. My next journey starts with Rohit …….. I am looking forward to that.

English Summary: Celebrity Travel Actress Alina Padikkal



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