Uncertainty grows over North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s health

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The health uncertainty of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un, has been flying for a week for its sudden disappearance from the public acts of the Pyong yang regime, especially considering that its public movements are followed to the millimeter by communist propaganda. During the day yesterday, doubts grew to the point that several media reported on his death, which occurred, according to what was published, after being several days convalescing from an urgent cardiovascular operation. However, last night there was no official confirmation of the death from the People’s Republic, the most isolated and hermetic country on the planet.

From Japan, a report from the weekly ‘Shukan Gendai’ claimed, for its part, that the dictator is in “vegetative state”. Apparently, the source is a Chinese doctor. In fact, the alarms went off first thing in the morning when it was learned from Beijing that Xi Jinping had sent a team of doctors to the neighboring country on Thursday to care for Kim Jong-un. The delegation would be headed by a senior official from the Chinese Communist Party’s International Liaison Department, the main body in China’s relations with nearby North Korea.

The North Korean leader has not been seen since on the 11th he chaired a meeting of the Workers’ Party, the only political formation of the communist state. The first suspicions were born when it was not reported that he attended an event held four days later to commemorate his grandfather’s anniversaryKim Il-sung, an important date for the nation.

This unexpected absence of public acts generated many rumors in South Korea and it was speculated that he had suffered a coronary accident, although his hypothetical health problem was denied at all times by his Government. The theory was further fueled when Daily NK, a Seoul-based news website, noted earlier this week that Kim was recovering after undergoing coronary intervention on the 12th.

The portal cited an unidentified source from North Korea who reported that the Dear Leader “He was visiting the field when he clutched his chest and fell to the ground”. He also reported that a doctor who was with him at the time performed CPR and accompanied him to the hospital.

The White House soon joined theories of the disease by claiming that its intelligence services had long known that Kim had serious organic deficiencies due to being a heavy smoker, his obesity and a family history related to heart problems. However, he later clarified that there was no reason to conclude. that the dictator was seriously ill. On Thursday, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, also minimized the information. “I think the information is incorrect,” he told reporters, although he declined to say whether he had contacted the North Korean authorities.

Military maneuvers

To increase the uncertainty, South Korean Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong Doo alerted on Friday that a “Unusual” increase in military air activity by North Korea, a fact that some media outlets soon linked to the possible death of Kim Jong-un.

He indicated that the North Korean authorities would be conducting a greater number of inspections of his military capabilities and warned that there has been a increasing number of operations by its air force, which could mean an increase in tension in the region.

Either way, remember that this is not the first time that Kim has disappeared for a fairly long period of time. In 2014 a similar absence greatly worried most of his subjects and triggered, as now, the curiosity of the international media and filled the network with dozens of theories. He reappeared a month later with a slight limp. after undergoing ankle surgery in mid-September.

A thorny succession if the death of the Dear Leader is confirmed

When Kim Jong-il died in 2011, there was no doubt that his son Kim Jong-un would replace him at the head of North Korea, thus following the saga started by the country’s grandfather and founder, Kim Il-sung. But who would succeed the current Dear Leader if his death is confirmed?

The political system is dynastic, so it would be highly probable that a member of the Kim family could return to being in command of the Government. Although not officially confirmed, Kim Jong-un is said to have two daughters and a son, probably in his 10s, who is not yet ready to succeed him.

As Chief of State Kim Jong-nam’s half brother was killed, his natural heir could be his older brother, Kim Jong-chol. However, he has no interest in the politics of his country, and therefore is not prepared to succeed him.

Only one person seems to meet all the requirements: his younger sister Kim Yo-jong. A media personality, he has figured prominently in the regime in recent years, in particular accompanying his brother to meetings with world heads of state and on official travel. However, being a woman does not count in your favor.



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